Top Rated Mistakes Most Pro-Players Make When Playing Poker
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Top Rated Mistakes Most Pro-Players Make When Playing Poker

Common mistakes when playing the game of Poker can always cost you extra amount of money!

Here we talk about common mistakes and how to avaid them. No matter how good you are at playing the game of poker, there certainly is a lot of room for improvement that can perfect your game play. Certain set of rules are needed to be followed to avoid silly mistakes. You need to keep in mind that not every type of mistake that players make is big, there are a number of mistakes that are not noticed easily. But you also have to keep in mind that any mistake, either big or small, shall always cost player some amount of money from his bank roll. So if you want to generate bigger profits with this game it is important that you need to try and identify these mistakes such that players can correct themselves before making these leaks.

The point is, how can a player identify if these are leaks or not? Each and every player is quiet distinct from another player, but here is a list of few unnoticeable mistakes that even most pro-players can make.

Identify leaks and rectify them in your Poker game play

Tracking Stat

There are a number of players who just don’t have the habit of keeping a record of their past stats. This is an unfortunate thing to happen as these stats can always prove to be helpful, as players can learn a lot about their past game play. Reading these stats players can easily tell how often they call, raise or even limp pre-flop. These stats also tell how often does any player bet 3+ and if he does, then on which set of cards does he bet high or low. This is also one of the best way to keep track of all past loses and wins.

Selection of Game

There area number of players who have a habit of changing the game they play for a longer period of time. One of the most common mistakes any player makes is to try and shift from playing $1/$2 Texas Hold’em to $1/$2 7 Card Stud. In doing so they still expect that they are going to have a similar type of game play. In case you are shifting from one game play to another and try to maintain the same level of stakes, then there are chances that he or she might quiet often fails to win. One of reasons is that players are not having any experience of the new game play. If you are playing any game for the very first time, then it is important that you need to gain the game experience before you can expect to win.

Placing higher bets before you are prepared for it

This is a situation that is generally faced by new players. There are also a number of pro-players who make this mistake by placing higher bets even before they are actually prepared for it. The fact is that most players playing poker certainly get impatient and want to increase their bank roll instantly. Always keep in mind that when playing Poker, risking your bankroll can make your game play worse. So even if you want to place higher bets, it is important that you need to be very much calculative and implement a genuine game plan so you can save your bankroll.


One very common mistake! There are a number of players who face tilt, and avoid playing the game in the same pattern. Players also play the game to try and gain back all lost chips. The outcomes of this mistake can always be anything starting from minor to most catastrophic. This mistake can affect your bankroll. In case you are facing tilting problems, then the best alternative is to try and stay away from the game for a few days. Get refreshed and get back to play after you are more confident.

Reduced Opportunities

Most players miss value bets when playing. When making river bets, players get a chance to recover most money they might have invested in the game. So if you are checking your cards at the time of turn or river, then you offer your opponents to easily view your cards. This gives them an opportunity to withdraw from the game and you certainly don’t win much amount. Always keep in mind that if any player folds his cards early then you might never make much money from your deserving hands.